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The World of Noyah is filled with dangerous enemies, terrain, and treasure. Players wanting to improve their fort, get better gear, and gather resources will need to venture far and deep to progress through the game.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Faction Forest Melee Orc button.png Mount Bee Boss 10.png Tiki house.png Containers.png PEDRA MINE deposit.png
Enemies Bosses Factions Containers Resources

Day/Night Cycle[edit | edit source]

Noyah has a day-night cycle where every 12 hrs (1 hour = 1 real world minute), the sun either sets or rises. The change spawns different enemies and resources. At night on the surface biomes, Night Creatures respawn the majority of enemies. The watch icon in the upper right corner of the screen indicates what time and phase the world is currently.

Day Watch Icon Day.png 6:00 - 17:59
Night Watch Icon Night.png 18:00 - 5:59

7th Moon Horde[edit | edit source]

Every 7th Night, a horde of Night Creatures attack your Fortress. They spawn from 4 gates, two on each side of the fort. They will attack everything between them and your crystal. Use gates to slow them down and NPCs as a last resort. An undefended fort with wooden gates will not last long against the horde.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

There are currently 14 biomes. The current build does not randomize the biome placement, but in future builds, map generation will be random. Below is the current construction of Noyah with the horizontal world edges being the Jungle, Underground Jungle and Beehive (west edge) and Oasis and Ocean (east edge). The underground biomes (depth Y= 9-17) are connected at depth Y=13. The underground Desert is the only underground biome to not have a Level 2 biome under it and connects to 5 different biomes. The Ocean is only accessed through the Oasis. The Level 2 Biomes are connected at depth Y=22. Hell is the bottom-most biome and stretches from one side of Noyah to the other.



Jungle mini.jpg Desert mini.jpg Forest mini 2.jpg Snow mini.jpg Oasis mini.jpg
Jungle Desert Forest Snow Oasis


Jungle underground mini.jpg Desert underground mini.jpg Forest Underground mini.jpg Snow underground mini.jpg Ocean mini.jpg








Level 2 Biome


Bee mini.jpg Mushroom mini.jpg Ice mini.jpg
Beehive Mushroom Ice Biome
Hell Level


Hell mini.jpg