Mists of Noyah Wiki

Mists of Noyah provides an expansive amount of equipment. Equipment types include Weapons, chest and helmet Armor, and multiple types of Accessories. Weapons provide the largest increases to Physical Attack, Spell Power, and Attack Speed. Armors provide the largest increases to Physical Defense and Magical Defense though can also provide significant boosts to offensive Statistics. Accessories provide any number of stat boost in all statistics but exclusively can boost Movement Speed and gathering resource strength (see Tools and Fishing Rods). Only 1 weapon, helmet, and chest armor can be equipped at a time. A total of 8 accessories can be equipped with limits on using no duplicate items and one of its types (i.e. one belt accessories, though there are bugs that allow you to equip 2 different mask and other types of accessories).

Equipment types[]

Craft Icon Weapon.png Craft icon Armor.png Craft icon Accessories.png HeaderIcon02 Crafting.png
Weapons Armor Accessories Tools and Fishing Rods

All equipment can be upgraded via the Enchantment Table which can provide significant gains for the player character to advance to higher tiers of equipment. Equipment plays a major role in Mists of Noyah, and you will need every advantage you can get. Even something as simple as a wooden shield or ring can make the difference between victory or defeat, so you should try to craft as much as possible based on the needs of your character.

To start out, you should craft a full set of wooden equipment. Ring, Armor, Shield, Amulet, everything. You will find that your adventure will become much easier and more rewarding as you craft and find new and more powerful equipment.

Equipment Quality[]

Equipment can vary in quality. There are currently 6 equipment qualities indicated by the color of their border and text. As rarity increase, the power of the item increases by 20% (base of common quality).

  • Slot Common.png Common
  • Slot Uncommon.png Uncommon (120% boost)
  • Slot Rare.png Rare (140% boost)
  • Slot Epic.png Epic (160% boost)
  • Slot Legendary.png Legendary (180% boost)
  • Slot6 corrupted 0.png Corrupted (208% boost)

All equipment crafted or found has a chance of having quality higher than Common. Corrupt equipment, while providing the highest stats, increase the rate the world gains Corruption.


Affixes are bonus to stats on any piece of equipment. Any piece of gear upon being crafted or looted has a random chance of having a prefix, suffix, both, or none. Prefixes change the first part of an item's name and provide smaller bonuses than suffixes, but are the only bonuses that can attack elemental basic attack damage. Suffixes change the last part of an item's name and provide sizable boost to a variety of stacks. Affixes can be gambled for using reforge stones at the Alchemist's Table.

List of known affixes

Name Bonus
Banshee 2% Icon critical2.png/15% corrupt damage bonus
Bes 150 Retaliation 2.png/15% earth damage bonus
Giraffigeon 350 Icon hp2.png
Passang 3 Icon critical2.png/15% air damage bonus
Phoenix 50 Icon attackDamage2.png/15% fire damage bonus
Siren 50 Icon spellpower2.png/15% water damage bonus
Succubus 1% Drain 2.png/15% blood damage bonus
Taranis 350 Icon mana2.png/15% arcana damage bonus
Yrel 2% Spirit 2.png/15% holy damage bonus
Yukinba 3% Icon cdr2.png/15% ice damage bonus
Weapons only (below)
Aeon 2500 Icon mana2.png/260-450 arcane damage (Tier 1)
Azazel 15% Icon critical2.png/260-450 corrupt damage (Tier 1)
Cereberus 500 Icon attackDamage2.png/ 260-450 fire damage (Tier 1)
Ivy 2500 Icon hp2.png/260-450 nature damage (Tier 1)
Lamia 15% Drain 2.png/260-450 blood damage (Tier 1)
Pegasus 30 Icon attackSpeed2.png/260-450 air damage damage (Tier 1)
Scarabeus 500 Retaliation 2.png/260-450 earth damage (Tier 1)
Scarabeus 500 Retaliation 2.png/260-450 earth damage (Tier 1)
Name Bonus
Blizzard 50 Icon spellpower2.png/15% water damage bonus

/15% ice damage bonus

Colossus 350 Icon hp2.png/30 Icon armor2.png/30 Icon magicArmor2.png
Darkness 50 Icon attackDamage2.png/50 Icon spellpower2.png/15% corruption damage bonus
Death 350 Icon hp2.png/1% Drain 2.png/15% corruption damage bonus
Duelist 350 Icon hp2.png/50 Icon attackDamage2.png/30 Icon armor2.png
Elementalist 50 Icon spellpower2.png/15% fire damage bonus

/15% ice damage bonus

Ghost 350 Icon hp2.png/ 2% Spirit 2.png/3% Drain 2.png
Frozen 350 Icon mana2.png/ 3% Icon cdr2.png/15% ice damage bonus
Heaven 350 Icon hp2.png/ 2% Spirit 2.png/50 Icon spellpower2.png
Hell 50 Icon spellpower2.png/ 150 Retaliation 2.png/15% fire damage bonus
Hurricane 3% Icon attackSpeed2.png/3% Icon cdr2.png/15% air damage bonus
Lifebloom 350 Icon hp2.png/350 Icon mana2.png/50 Icon spellpower2.png
Maelstrom 50 Icon spellpower2.png/ 15% air damage bonus

/15% water damage bonus

Mana 350 Icon mana2.png/30 Icon magicArmor2.png/15% arcane damage bonus
Sandstorm 350 Icon hp2.png/30 Icon armor2.png/15% earth damage bonus
Scarecrow 350 Icon hp2.png/350 Icon mana2.png/ 100 Icon spellpower2.png
Sea 350 Icon mana2.png/2% Spirit 2.png/15% water damage bonus
Vampire 1% Drain 2.png/50 Icon spellpower2.png/15% blood damage bonus
Wind 20 Icon attackSpeed2.png/3% Icon cdr2.png/ 2% Icon critical2.png
Witch +250 Retaliation 2.png/ 6% Icon cdr2.png/2%Icon critical2.png