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Enchantment mechanics was introduced in patch v0.0.5. You can use the enchantment table to enchant your items. Enchantment table's located on the third floor of your <link> fort <link>. The enchantment table consists of two tabs, one to disenchant and one to enchant. You disenchant some worse gear to get the crystals (green, blue, or purple) then you go to the enchant section to try your luck. The higher the item's enchantment level, the less likely you increase the item's enchantment level. You need 2 silver per enchant your item.

Remember that stats are very important in the game, the stronger the item, the higher the stats will be. You can easily increase the level of the enchantments on 6 different accessories, your weapon, armor and helmet. All of this combined will give a considerable increase to your stats. Remember that each item's enchantment level can be increased infinitely and pretty easily up to level 25.


Name Icon How to get Maximum chance

to enchant

Green Crystal Disenchanting items

tier 1-3

Blue Crystal Disenchanting items

tier 4-6 or craft with

20 Green Crystals Green crystal-export.png

Purple Crystal Disenchanting items

tier 6+ or craft with

20 Blue Crystals Blue crystal-export.png


How to use[]

In this topic I'll do a tutorial on how to disenchant and enchant items.


1 - Interact with the Enchantment Table;

2 - When interacting, you'll see the "Disenchant" tab;

3 - Put items that you want to "Disenchant" from your inventory to the Enchanting Table;

4 - Click on "Disenchant";

5 - Collect the gems.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5


1 - Interact with the Enchantment Table;

2 - Place the item you want to enchant in the inventory;

3 - Click on the "Enchant" tab;

4 - Place the item you want to enchant and the gem on the enchanting table;

5 - Click on "Enchant" and try your luck!

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5