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Dungeons are Endgame content in Mist of Noyah. Players will face new challenges not found in the world of Noyah in an instanced setting in hopes of acquiring the best treasure in the game. Dungeons entrances are found throughout the game and more are currently being developed.



To enter a dungeon, players need to find the dungeon entrance. Players can select between 3 difficulties that change rewards and challenges in the dungeons.


  • Halloween Dungeon accessed by the fairy in the home base, left of the Mill.
  • Jungle Dungeon entrance located at the Tiki Fortress in Jungle 1
  • Ice Dungeon entrance located left of the top area of Ice 2.


There are 3 difficulties for dungeons. Successful runs in dungeons provide Reforge stones. and random loot from (8 different types of Accessories, Tools and Fishing Rods, a Weapon, and Armor).

  • Normal: Tier: 4 - 6 gear
  • Heroic: Tier 6 - 8 gear
  • *Level 50 Mythic : Rewards: Tier 8+ Mythic gear and Key upgrades*

Mythic Dungeons[]

Mythic dungeons provide a true test of player skill and power. The challenges of Mythic dungeons change based on the mythic tier of the dungeon. Each Mythic dungeon has a key with levels that indicate how far players have progressed. Keys begin at level 1 and progress adding power to the enemies or new hazardous. Keys can gain and lose levels based on how long it takes for the dungeon to be cleared. Clearing a dungeon at it's fastest time levels up a key by 2. Completely the dungeon above or below a target time levels a key by 1 or decrease by 1 respectively. Dungeons gain perks that can appear as key levels increase. Dungeons will have more than 1 perk as the key level increases.

  • Mythic enemy Bombs.pngEnemy Bombs: Enemies will explode leaving a medium sizes hazardous that expires after 6 seconds. The explosion kills players instantly
  • Mythic ally Heal.pngEnemy Healing: Enemies can heal other enemies. (this is persistent). There is a version that also only heals on enemy death.
  • Mythic enemy Armor.png40% armor (enemies): Enemies gain 40% more defense
  • Mythic enemy HP.png Enemy health increase by 200% (including boss)
  • Mythic boss HP.png Boss Health Bosses gain 200% more health
  • Mythic boss Armor.png40% armor (boss): Bosses gain 40% more defense
  • Mythic Traps.pngMore Traps: Additional traps appear in the map.
  • Mythic Less Healing.png Less Healing: Reduce player spirit by %60.

Equipment rewards increase in power quality based on the level of the mythic dungeon. The power increase is comparable to item quality increases (10% increase per mythic level). Mythic item level power are cumulative to item quality.


Players proceed from the start of the dungeon to the final boss chamber. All dungeons have spike hazards that will damage on contact. It's imperative players know how to dodge and use invincibility frames to progress through the dungeon. Notes on clearing dungeons:

  • Players need to kill at least 10 enemies to open the final boss door.
  • Checkpoints are unlocked at different sections of the dungeon. Reentering a dungeon will load the player to the newest unlocked checkpoint.
  • There are no treasure chests or stat pick ups.
  • Each dungeon has a section requiring careful maneuvering around spike pits, spinning axes, or both. In these sections, clear as many flying enemies as possible as they will make passing these trials very challenging.
  • Dying in a dungeon has the same effect as dying in the overworld. Players can reenter a dungeon by accessing the ESC menu and selecting "Join Dungeon." There are other options to rejoin, however, this is the fastest.
  • Boss health will regenerate no one is present. Rejoining a dungeon quickly can prevent boss health regeneration.


  • Leaf Tobacco is extremely useful in dungeons as it reduces trap damage by 30%.
  • Equipment has a low drop rate. Reforge crystal drop in all dungeons